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Relationship and Dating Secrets – An 11 page booklet to boost your love life.

During many years spent counselling of hundreds of men and women in search of love or desperately wanting to improve their marriage and relationships, I became aware of a few patterns in the “war of the sexes”. Those women (and men) who came to me for advice, all had different situations, yet had the same common themes. Most were struggling to get a handle on their relationships with men, and the same thing occurred to men. All wanted to put a stop the endless pain and misery, and experience true love and happiness.

But heck, a lot of people were getting it wrong. There were all types of women, in tears and heartbroken after yet another breakup, or stumped after being dumped. They were baffled by broken promises and reeling from rejection. After seeing how many had fallen victim to the upteenth vanishing act, or were pole-axed from the pain of their partner pulling away, I decided to dedicate myself getting to the some answers. We all crave the caresses of a caring lover. The utter contentment of commitment. So many of us want to feel the fulfilment of being loved and adored. Wrapped in the strong arms of our soulmate, safe and secure in a sensationally happy union. How many of us have wanted our ex back? Or dreamed of having “The One” fall out our feet, declaring undying love?  Wondered in vain how to put the spark back into a loveless or stagnating union.  Wanted to badly to be held and to be happy. Of being the envy of others, with a faithful partner who has eyes for you, and you, only.

So, how to make it work? How do we turn our frogs into princes who catch on to our inner Cinderella? My psychology degree provided me with certain answers and tools, yet I realised most people did not have the time, energy or expertise to implement communication principles and psychological techniques effectively. After years of research, I have come to understand that women just do not grasp that men think and act differently to them. And men feel the same way about women. So I began plotting. Firstly, I knew it all boils down to realising, or accepting, two things. One, that yes, there is a fundamental difference in the way men and women think and behave, and two, that there is a way to bridge that gap. All good things don’t come to those that wait, but those that act. With, of course, a little help from some friends. No pain, no gain.

Using my expertise from past personal experience in failed and ill-fated expectations in love, along being in the unique position of having 20 years of learning from the failures of my clients, I devised a foolproof 5-Point Action Plan:

  1. Find a good support system.
  2. Add some good old fashioned E-for-effort, in terms of being willing to make some changes and being courageously persistent.
  3. Throw in an open-minded and very necessary but exciting, new understanding of men and what makes them really tick.
  4. Do your homework by connecting the dots between all the patterns in your live (and loves).
  5. Have fun trying out your new technique on a number of men (or the man in your life) and WORK IT until you get the result you want.

Do what all those wonderful books tell us. Read or re-read  “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” /Mars” and “Venus on a Date”, by Dr John Grey, along with the popular “He’s Just Not that Into You”  by the writers of Sex and the City sitcome, as well a little gem called “Why Men Love Bitches”  by Sherry Argov. These immensely popular books have filled a much needed gap and provide invaluable and enlightning information.

So I have put together some information in an 11 page ‘booklet’. Essentially, there is nothing contained in my “booklet” that has not essentially been written. However, “Personality and Relationship Secrets” does provide a “condensed” window into the secrets of the sexes, in a short, sharp and accurate account, which I put together as guideline for my clients. These fundamental truths, tips and “secret” techniques will open your mind and get you thinking along new lines. It is a blueprint that will allow you to take the first steps on the emotional road to love and relationship recovery. It can change your life if you let it.

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