May/June 2014 Newsletter

In line with celebrating Mother’s Day in  May and Father’s Day in June, here at the Profile Club, the theme and focus over the next 2 months will be focused more privately on family issues, dealing with death, birth, parenthood, roles, and children, as well as with the “child within”. I  am happy to say that our “8xBulk Package” online special is in demand for those seeking to gain closure or rebuild their relationships with their families,  with immediate access, in the privacy of your own home. Just the thing needed to get to grips with sticky situations, as well as buried patterns and find out how to move forward.

Coming up to mother’s day, issues often surface regarding coming to terms with motherhood and one’s relationships with one’s own mother – identity, guilt, boundaries and time –  have been the mainstay of most of the enquiries with my clients. It is never easy to deal with the death of a parent, especially the loss of the matriarchal figurehead of the family. Nor is it easy for a spouse to deal with the loss of someone who has been a part of their live for 30/40 or more years. Coping with the stresses of motherhood, whether as a single mother, or as a wife, is an important need to be addressed, as witnessed by the requests for guidance from overburdened mothers coping with work, finances, partners and children.

Similarly, online bookings for June have shown the focus and need for so many of us to deal with our father issues…loss, acknowledgement and roles that this relationship plays out in our lives. Over the years, I have noticed a pattern around May and June, whereby all of us, one way or the other, have felt the need to address childhood issues relating to our parents and how our mothers or fathers have influenced our relationships with our partners. It is also a time where both males and females address their issues of parenthood, motherhood and fatherhood, or mourn the loss of their fathers, as well as seeking guidance about themselves as role models.

After the past few months of getting out and about promoting the Profile Club and the workshops,  I am looking forward to getting back to one-on-one counselling sessions, especially online, and getting to grips with guiding all the personalities involved with comparison techniques to improve family (as well as other) relationships.

Kudos to all parents and all over us, to whom family dynamics have defined who we are and what we can overcome, and become!

Happy Mother’s Day in May, Father’s Day in June!



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