“The Profile Club as a Social Media marketing case study” by Social Media Campaign


How exciting to have been part a marketing study, by Social Media’s Campaign……..

“We recently met with a client who wanted advice on how to go forward with her social media marketing plan. Below you can read a social media marketing case study about the process we followed in getting to know more about her business and marketing needs, and the suggestions we made to help her business grow.

The business – what is The Profile Club all about and what are the marketing needs?

Her business comprises of a specialised dating service where she uses her background in spiritual counseling and psychology to guide people through all aspects of personal growth that is needed for them to find their ideal life-partner. She also profiles her clients and introduces them to potential partners that would be a good match for them. Although she has more than 20 years experience in counselling, the matchmaking service she would like to provide through her business is new and she therefore has the challenge of letting people know about her new venture and to connect with people who would potentially make use of her services.

The marketing goals:

After our discussions we identified the following marketing goals that our client would like to meet for her business by making use of Social Media:

  1. Because The Profile Club is a new venture, our client’s biggest and most immediate challenge is to get the word out about the new services she is offering. (Awareness)
  2. Our client has expert knowledge about human psychology, but she needs to communicate her skills to her clientele for them to trust her and make use of her services. (Establish trust)
  3. Our client needs to connect to the right people – i.e. she needs to make contact with the people who would be likely to make use of her services and would be willing to pay for it. (Sales)

Our suggestions

After listening to our client and getting a better understanding about the way her business works and the services that she offers, we helped her identify her biggest marketing needs as outlined above. We then set to work on suggesting social media platforms that she could use to market her business as well as an outline as to how she can implement each platform to her best advantage.

We also instructed her on a few basic social media marketing principles, and why these approaches to social media marketing work. We explained the importance of sharing content that is valuable to your clients and how that helps in establishing you as an expert in your specific field of business. We explained why it is acceptable to duplicate some content over your different social media platforms, but that duplicating all content across all platforms can become boring, and may even scare potential followers off if your frequency and type of posts are not suited to the platform that you are posting on.

We also touched on one of the big differences between social media marketing and traditional marketing: In traditional marketing, an advert is almost always asking a potential customer or client to do something, for example to buy a product, or make use of a service, without offering any added value to the customer or client. In social media marketing it has become important to always first give your followers something of value, before marketing to them. People will be more likely to follow you on social media platforms if there is some value in it for them, for example a special discount to Facebook followers, or a competition, etc. Even providing valuable content, that as mentioned above will also establish you as someone with expert knowledge, would be a good incentive for people to be interested in what you have to say about your business.

Social media platforms to use for her business

Because The Profile Club is in essence a specialised matchmaking service, we suggested that our client use the social media platforms that are more personal in nature (as opposed to more business-minded platforms such as LinkedIn) for her social media marketing campaign. We suggested the three platforms that are listed below:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Below we will detail the reasons why we chose each specific platform as well as well as our suggestions for frequency of posts and the type of content that she should share on each platform.


As our client had already set up a Facebook profile, we suggested that she continue marketing on this platform. Although Facebook has its challenges in getting more people to engage on business pages and increasing followers, it is still the largest social media platforms in the world and therefore the place where the largest pool of potential clients can be found. People also mostly make use of Facebook in their personal capacity, so it is a good place for marketing a service that is as personal as the specialised matchmaking services that The Profile Club provides. Having a Facebook business page is something that can be built upon as the marketing budget allows, by making use of sponsored posts and paid-for Facebook adverts.

Frequency and type of posts

We suggested that she posts three times per week, to keep the amount of time that she spends on her online marketing manageable. We also suggested that one of these posts should be a link to a new article on her blog, which will increase traffic to her website and contribute to establishing her as an expert in her field. We discussed a few examples of other types of posts she could post during the rest of the week, but cautioned her to keep the marketing messages subtle and to try a few special offers on her page to add incentives for people to follow The Profile Club on Facebook.


We suggested Twitter as a second social media platform for her to market The Profile Club on because it is a platform where it is easy to make contact with many potential clients without the restrictions placed on making contact that is the case for Facebook. It is not necessary to know someone personally before making contact with them on Twitter, but with Facebook, a personal connection is usually prerequisite before being able to connect with them online.

Frequency and type of posts

Because of the way the Twitter news feed works, more frequent posts are needed on Twitter to ensure that what you say do not get lost in the masses of other people’s tweets. We took into consideration that our client is relatively new to using Twitter and that she should aim for consistency in her online marketing efforts while she is still new to it, so we suggested trying for one tweet a day. We also suggested that she try engaging in conversations on Twitter as often as possible, both to show the personality behind her brand, and to get her used to how the platform works.


While at first glance it may seem that the nature of The Profile Club’s business is not visual enough to benefit from a presence on Pinterest, on closer inspection it turned out that there are aspects of this business that could do with exposure on this social media platform. Our client is keen to instruct her clients on how they can improve their physical appearance as well as focusing on their psychological growth, and Pinterest would be an excellent platform to build inspiration boards for this purpose.

Frequency and type of posts

Pinterest is a really fun social media platform for most people to use. Our client is completely new to Pinterest, so to start we would just like her to get the hang of how the platform works and see this as an additional platform that will add to the exposure of her business, rather than the main platform for marketing her business. Frequency of posts on this platform is not all that important, but checking in at least once a week is advisable just to make sure that one or two fresh pins gets added to her boards.

With regards to the type of content that she could share, we suggested that she finds great images to share with her articles on her blog, and then to pin those images so that they link through from Pinterest to her blog page. This will add to the traffic she will get on her website. Other suggestions for pins and boards for her business is inspirational quotes that will help her clients. She can also suggest Pinterest as part of her workshops as her clients can use Pinterest to create their own vision boards which will help them in their goal-setting.

With this comprehensive evaluation we hope to set our client on the path to social media marketing success and that we can build on a continuing relationship with her. As her business grows, she will be able to contact us for helping her with her evolving marketing needs.”

For more information see:  http://socialmediacampaign.co.za/case-study/the-profile-club/