July/August 2014 Newsletter

The aftermath of Mother’s Day in June and Father’s Day in July, should see the Profile Club continuing the focus on family, but more geared toward children, and childhood issues, as we come up to the July school holidays.

Many will take a welcome break from the normal routine of fitting in work and the round of school lifts, while others will merely enjoy the benefit of less traffic for the next few weeks!  While the work stresses may temporarily be lifted, the added financial and time constraints of the mid-year break continue to plague many families. It is a wonderful time to bond with your children, and this opportunity has to be balanced with juggling time, money, mingled families, separate vacations, plus dealing with families and often “exes” or mixed family routines. Not always easy, as evidenced by the growing need for guidance from my clients, especially around this time of year.

Teenagers, boundaries, roles and role-models are upper-most in one’s life, not just as the after-effects of the prior 2 months of dealing with mother’s and father’s day, but because life is faster, more pressurised and stressful for both children and parents. This is where the Profile Club is able to help with personality and comparison profiles for siblings, children and the interaction with boundaries from the adult perspective. With so many single and divorced – as well as “normal” – couples, struggling to maintain healthy relationships with their offspring, the evils of over-compensation or resignation with blurred boundaries often rear their head; compounded during holiday time. An objective, outside analysis or merely an understanding acceptance of the difficulties of navigating the trying generational gaps, is just the thing to provide relief, a staple diet at the Profile Club. Tried and trust truths, together with individual personality and comparison profiling, all help to gain a clearer perspective and provide a basis upon which to build stronger and more loving bonds. This is where our immediate, private and accessible online counselling service is  helpful, getting to grips by working through problems and issues with children, addressing the effects of the roles and responsibilities of  divorced parents, step parents, single parent as well all families.

After the end of the school holidays end, and waving goodbye to winter, I am happy to announce that the Profile Club will be gearing up once again to continue the expansion of our online service, as well as concentrating on workshops and talks aka SAOUG in Johannesburg in February (see events page). I am also excited to be promoting The Profile Club at the Xtraordinary Women Breakfast meeting on Saturday the 30th September, as well as hosting a Profiling Workshop in Cape Town on the 18th October. More to come in the Spring newsletter, out soon.

Enjoy the school holidays and the last of the winter months, and thank you for your support, online and one-on-one!



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