January/February 2014 Newsletter

Hello All

Getting out and about during the December 2013 festive season and in the new year, is certainly beginning to pay off. It resulted in some exciting opportunities for growth for the Profile Club, especially regarding events and workshops and allowing us to  bring the Profile Club into the workplace. (Please see “Events” and “Club News” for updates.) A Valentines Relationship workshop booked for Wednesday the 12th Feb, at The Workshop Space in Somerset West, shows how to improve individual and relationship dynamics, while  an invitation to be guest speaker at SAOUG’s Valetines Breakfast event in Johannesburg, provides an opportunity to further expand our “profile” into the business sector, introducing inter-personal interactions with colleagues.

With regard to main online section of the Profile Club, the festive season a need for famlies as well as singles and those in relationships, taking advantage of our 8-Session Special Package to get to grips with certain relationship and family issues and making progress toward improved relationships with children over the school holidays, as well as merge couples closer together by understanding and co-operating with different families. It was also wonderful to be able to assist singles, from those newly single due to divorce or death of a spouse, to those searching for love, to cope with the holiday period and for some, to even find love!

And of course, with Valentines Day fever, it has been very rewarding to see renewed love and hope for singles and couples alike. So, it seems the Profile Club is striking a good  balance between personal consultations as well as improved communication via workshops for all types of relationship, both privately and in the workplace.  We will be posting dates for workshops for March and April, at our venues at Casa Labia in Muizenberg and Youngblood Gallery in Cape Town Central, as well as at The Workshop Space in Somerset West.

Below, please see pricing structure for:

  1. Private online membership
  2. Private/Business/Corporate Communication Workshops
  3. Guest speaker rates

1. The pricing structure for private membership for online consultation is as follows:
Once-off, life long Membership Fee: R500
– includes free 30min online introductory profile consultation
– access to Special Member-only Rates for consultations:

  • 30 min: R225 (25% off normal rate R300)
  • 1 Hr: R375 (25% of normal rate R500)

– access to 8-Session Special Package:

  • 8 x 30min Special package sessions: R1,600 (25% off normal rate R2,400)
  • 8 x 1hr Special Package sessions: R2,400 (25% off normal rate R4,000)

2&3. The pricing structure for business/corporate workshops & talks are as follows:
Once-off, life long Membership Fee: R1,000
– includes free 30min online consultation/outline
– access to Special Member-only Rates for workshops/talks:

  • R3,750 per day (25% off normal rate R5,000)
  • bulk-package bookings for branches/subsidiaries etc (available upon request)

– monthly retainer fee (available upon request)
In-house, and venue at own or additional cost.
Excluding flight and accommodation cost.
Non-members: normal rates apply.

Look forward to hearing from you, enjoy!



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