Small fish in a big pond or big fish in a small pond?

Of all the fish in the sea, only a handful or two will have the potential to be our Perfect Partner. From that mere handful, most of us end up falling in love with, or marrying, Mr or Ms Right only once or twice, maybe 3 times in our lives. It is highly improbable for ALL of the 10, 20, 30 or more lovers that you will come across in your lifetime, to be “The One”.

So, why is it that we waste so much time and energy hoping, and expecting, the impossible? Instead of falling hook, line and sinker for everyone that crosses our paths – given that very few of them will ever fall in deeply and truly in love with us – would it not make sense  to be more selective and discerning,  and concentrate instead on grooming  the select few?

Dating sites provide boatloads of bait; yet most of us would see better results if, according to the old adage: ‘instead of giving a us a fish, we were provided with a fishing rod and taught how to fish’.  Whether casting our lines from a tranquil lake, on the rocks at shore, or out at sea, the dating  process is similarly guided by the warmth of the sun and the brilliance of the stars, while enjoying  the breeze or weathering  the storms. To adapt to the ebb and flow of the tides and brave the elements and changing seasons, we need to saviour the promise in the dawning of every new day, absorb the peace of the setting sun splashed across the horizon, to be rewarded with the satisfaction and joy of bringing home a great catch.


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