Find Love and Improve Your Relationship

Wondering why you havent found Mr or Ms Right yet?
Having problems getting a man to commit to you?
Are you tired of being rejected, hurt and disappointed?
Or, are you feeling unfulfilled or are you worried because your partner has  become distant and the spark has gone out of your relationship?

If you want to find the kind of true love you have yearned for, or to get a man/woman to be willing to commit to you and have the a happy, fulfilled relationship that is the envy of everyone around you, this workshop is for you.  If you are at a loss to deal with your children/teenagers, a spouse’s children or having difficulty with your in-laws?  Alternatively, are you experiencing stress at work, under pressure to perform at work and don’t know how to cope with difficult colleagues or bosses?
This workshop will show you how to find a healthy, committed relationship with the right person,  how to get the love, adoration and fulfillment you thought you had lost, as well as happy, positive relationships in your family and in work.
I will provide the key to turning your life around, with a few simple steps that will have you amazed at the results. All it requires is your commitment to recognizing and changing a few things in your life, and the willingness to implement it. Granted, you may have to face a few home truths, and be prepared to do a little “dirty” work, but the results are amazing and will change your life!
With my unique Profile Formula, we use your personality profile, your history and the profiles of past lovers, current partners, family members, colleagues etc, to effect the most astonishing change in your life.
Be prepared to face the truth, make some life changing decisions and have the courage to do things a little differently, and you will be rewarded with the love, support, commitment and success you never thought you could have. This workshop is innovative, fun, effective and life changing!

Profiling Workshop: Find Love and Improve Your Relationship – 18 October 2014


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