Fake It Till You Make It

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you will be faced with those odd moments where it gets worse before it gets better. Like when you bump into your ex when you’re not looking your best and he swans into a club with his latest squeeze on his arm. Sometimes pride rises to the rescue and you give  a performance worthy of the best actress award as you gaily wave and smile and pretend you don’t give a damn. Or other times when you’re feeling low and the guy you’re lusting after makes a late night booty call and as much  you’re needing to feel his strong arms around you, you say no thank you. Or you’re really not into going out with the girls and pretend you’re all happy when you’re not, but its better than sitting alone on a Saturday night. Or the man in your life says or does something that hurts like hell, but you have to turn the cheek and live to fight another day. Or you are trying to get through yet another evening of putting up with his drunken rugger buddies trashing your living room. Or putting up with your prospective mother in law who is a whizz are putting you down while managing to make herself look good. An the favourite…. your well meaning relative s …..Just remember, this too shall pass…..


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