Eyes Wide Shut

Coming across this picture on Michael Fiore’s site, I have to agree. All men look at other women, and as much as we women hate to admit it, it irks us. All the males I have spoken to have either sheepishly brushed it off or become a tad defensive, but they do all insist that looking doesn’t mean they will touch. So, how best to handle such situations? In my experience, humour does the trick. Mention it lightly if it gets a little much, and then let it go. Or turn the tables and ogle the young, sexy guy walking past. Men will get the hint and tone it down, or at least keep it under wraps. But. They. Will. Not. Stop. Looking. Its in the genes unfortunately. Choose your battles; if you have a good man who loves you, he isn’t going to make an issue of it, if you don’t. Unless he is a complete dweeb. In which case, you need to leave.


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