Dating Tip #2: Select your target market

A witty hairdresser I know, whose client was bemoaning the fact that most men preferred women with long hair to her very own, adorable pixie-cut, once said:  “Just face it darling, your appeal is limited to the select few who like women with short hair. Forget about the others, or grow your hair!”

It is common business practice to have a marketing strategy to identify specific target markets, so why not do the same in the diverse world of dating?  There are men who prefer blondes or large chested ladies and others who like redheads and fiery, tempestous types. Some women love bankers while others find rugged types more appealing. 

So, if you’re 5ft 10inches and attracted to men who like petite women, or if you find yourself trudging up mountains behind an outdoor type when you’re a couch potato at heart, its time to update your strategy.  Accept who and what you are, improve a little here and there if you must. Then be sure to recognise and weed out the ill-fitting folk who make you feel less than deserving. Turn your attention instead, to those mostly likely to appreciate the unique you. Keep your eye on the right target, and wait for the arrow to hit bulls-eye!


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