What We Do

Our Consultancy centres on:

  • Individual personality profiling
  • Comparison analysis of your profile with anyone in your past (family, work or romantic)
  • Past history, goals and wishes
  • Holistic approach incorporating strengths and weaknesses, personality, speech, dress and manner of communication with which to interact with others
  • Objective analysis and synastry of past, present and potential partners
  • Monitoring of such behaviour and experiences
  • Integration with all aspects of your life
  • Safe space within which to develop and grow
  • Privacy, discretion and integrity
  • Respect, trust and willingness to do the required work

It is essential to JOIN the Club to become a MEMBER in order for your personal profile to be built. All personal particulars submitted are kept completely confidential and updated as we progress through the process.
The procedure followed when you JOIN the CLUB, hence becoming a Life Member, is:

  • Complete Personal Details / Questionnaire online
  • Accept our Terms & Conditions, before questionnaire is submitted
  • Submit Membership Application, which includes a complimentary 1/2 hour skype consultation
  • Place your order for Life Membership
  • Complete the payment process through PayFast
  • You will be returned to your own account on the Profile Club

Once your payment is confirmed, the order status, on your account page, will be revised from ‘Processing’ to ‘Processed’ thus entitling you to request ‘Consultation’ whether online or at Group or One-on-One meetings at which you will receive individual or group consulting, analysis and training, as required. All profiles are handled confidentially and discreetly. Be sure to login when requesting consultation.


Life Membership:

R500 once off non-refundable joining fee (admin + individual personality profile details, which will be confirmed with new members at their first online consultation) Included in the price is a complimentary half-hour online profile consultation.

Online Consultation:

As a Member of the ‘Profile Club’ you are entitled to request a consultation.
Make sure you have credit.

  • Half-hour online consultations: R250
  • 8-Week Special Package: Half-hour online consultations at the reduced rate of R200 per session

Repeat consultation purchases can be made on the consultation page.


Our motto is: We fill the gap ie. See the gap, take the gap and FILL the gap!

1. I give you background about whats not working, how difficult it is out there in the dating world and a perspective that I’ve gleaned over the years with a few pointers and the general problems singles find themselves facing:

  • The pitfalls of dating
  • Where and how to meet a man – in the supermarket, hiking, at work, hobbies
  • The difference between the sexes.
  • The dating expectations: when to call, when to have sex, when to bring up the C-word (commitment)
  • How to recognise someone that isn’t right for us
  • If he’s just not that into you, or if he is, why men love bitches, and what about those who don’t….
  • When he does like you but….why isn’t he calling, his baggage, his friends, his issues etc, all along the lines of: men are from mars, women are from venus, we target repeated mistakes we make & how to avoid them
  • What men want & What women want
  • The reality of what is out there, why sometimes dating tough and filled with rejection
  • What its like to be a single woman/person in a world that is primarily couple oriented
  • The difference between women and men.. and, ARE all men really the same….
  • How to recognise the good ones…

2. Once the ice has been broken, we move on to the most important part of the consultation, where u get to concentrate on YOU and apply these situations to your life.
You team up with me to discuss your history and explore your particular personal profile, relative to your life. This is where you benefit from my personal attention, analysing your needs and requirements.

Depending on what you choose to share, I will guide and explore aspects of your personality, strengths, fears and hopes – ranging from your history, past relationships, your sense of personal style, your patterns, your perspective, a particular issue – against the profiles of others, lovers, ex-es, colleagues, current romantic interests.
This is an enlightening, inspiring and practical way, to iron out whatever may be holding you back, so that you move toward getting the love and long term relationship you deserve.


Face to Face

As a member you are entitled to request a Group or One-on-One meeting. Two venues are used for these meetings, the Casa Labia Gallery, Muizenberg, Cape Town, or at Ridgemor Wine Farm, Somerset West, Helderberg.

Check our calendar for any upcoming group meetings.

  • one hour face to face consultation: Estimate of R500 at Casa Labia or Ridgemor
  • 3hr group meeting: Estimate of R300 per person, at Casa Labia or Ridgemor, includes light finger lunch. Upon request only, subject to numbers.

These meetings are quoted independantly depending on the request and subject to confirmation and a deposit being lodged.