Filling the Gap

After 20 years of working with people, especially in recent trying economic times, coupled with the surge in globalisation and rise of social media, I began to notice that more and more people were seeking deeper fulfillment and self-actualisation, increasingly evidenced by the rising demand for self help books, articles, workshops, psychological and spiritual nourishment.

Yet, these self-same articles workshops, psychics and psychologists, although helpful, seemed unable to address the growing number of people I came across who found themselves unable to put these principles into practice. Especially so with regard to matters of the heart. Why is it then, with the availability of so many dating agencies and sites, that so many still find themselves alone? Face it, life out there in the dating world is tough and filled with rejection.

Psychics sell hope, psychologists provide a much needed prospective, self help books, such as “the Secret”, gurus, workshops and dating agencies all spark our interest and introduce hope. Yet the results are negligible. HOW does one implement the information and wisdom imparted? WHO provides you with the necessary impetus and guides through the very personal and intricate process, step by step afterwards, to ensure that you get what you want?

The Profile Club was launched to fill this very gap. Based on my psychological background and experience of profiling gathered from running group and one-on-one self-help / improvement workshops, I have developed the Profile Club to provide:

  1. a unique formula of psychometric analysis (individual & comparison/couples profiling)
  2. basic anthropology principles
  3. an innovative Train to Date & Relate technique
  4. communication techniques
  5. comprehensive support through the dating process

This way you have access to a formula that works!

Our comprehensive step by step approach provides you with the golden fishing rod with which to catch the “Big One”