Richard Branson’s Fave Quotes

Here are Richard Branson’s 10 favourite quotes on why we should all embrace change – Inspiring reading

One of the Most Refreshingly Honest Dating Articles Around

18 Ugly Truths About Modern Dating That You Have To Deal With by Christopher Hudspeth

Profiling Workshop review

Find Love & Improve your Relationships Workshop: Review 18 October 2014 by Carol Wood of Heartbizz The outline of the workshop was: Part 1: Men, what makes them tick 6 mistakes women make Dating & Relationship tips Part 2: 4 basic personality types Your family relationship patterns Your fears and how to over come them […]

Feel the fear and do it anyway

One thing my clients all know is that I often tend to quote the saying: “Follow the fear and you will find the answer”. It is something that I have uncovered in my consultations, time and time again, as the key to providing people with the answers they come to me to for. This article […]

Married and Dating

This is one of the most important things that couples so often and so unfortunately, neglect to do in their relationships……

10 Reasons to Love Being Single

For all the singletons out there, here are 10 perfectly amazing reasons to appreciate the time you have, before you meet the perfect “forever-after” partner for you……