Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Men don’t listen to what women say, they listen to what we do. So, ladies, best to back up your words with action, or be prepared not to be heard.

Love Hurts if its Not Healthy

As simple truth that I have seen again and again with my clients over the years, is that relationships are either healthy or unhealthy. Although all relationships have their difficult times, true love flourishes in healthy relationships through all the ups and downs, while unhealthy relationships remain just that, addictive and unhealthy.

Raise The Bar

The type of partner you attract and the relationship you have, is in direct proportion to the level of your self esteem.

Dating Tip #5: Be happy

One of the biggest mistakes we make, as women (and men) is that we forget how important it is to HAVE A LIFE. How many of you have had your ex come back just when you’ve started to get over him/her? You’re over the heartache, back at gym, focused on  your career and getting out […]

Dating Tip #4: Do your homework

You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it would you? Move into a house without checking that it’s in good condition? Select a school for your children without ascertaining the necessary information? Exactly. So why is it that we would think that Mr or Ms Right-in-front-of-us-this-very-moment is the answer to our dreams?

Dating Tip #3: Take your time

I have to confess that I do believe love at first sight exists. Well, for some of us anyway. Precious few, others might say. But it does set alarm bells ringing when I see, or hear, of lovers declaring undying love 5 minutes after they’ve met. Only to part ways soon after. Ah, the incredible 3-month infatuation period.