Hope Floats

Never underestimate a woman’s capacity for hope. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Used correctly however, it is a rare and beautiful gift, to be treated with the respect it deserves.

Eyes Wide Shut

Coming across this picture on Michael Fiore’s site, I have to agree. All men look at other women, and as much as we women hate to admit it, it irks us. All the males I have spoken to have either sheepishly brushed it off or become a tad defensive, but they do all insist that […]

Be a Glass-Half-Full Type of Person

A little humour to to highlight the power of putting a positive spin on life!

2nd Chances vs Moving On

Everyone makes mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. Repeated behaviour however, is a different matter. Forgive yourself or forgive someone else, but get out of the rut and either move forward or move out.

Humour Helps!

A little humour goes a long way to gain some perspective on the differences between the sexes!

Dating Tip #6: Be firm

Ah, the disease to please! The angst of adapting, the cost of compromising. All generally prevalent for the first 3 months of dating and the last months of parting. The curse of women (or men) who love too much. The broken hearted who pay painfully for the pleasure of painting a premature future. The disappointment […]