Small fish in a big pond or big fish in a small pond?

Of all the fish in the sea, only a handful or two will have the potential to be our Perfect Partner. From that mere handful, most of us end up falling in love with, or marrying, Mr or Ms Right only once or twice, maybe 3 times in our lives. It is highly improbable for […]

Baggage – how much is too much?

“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future – Oscar Wilde.”  We’ve all made mistakes and most of us have a skeleton (or two or three) lurking in our lives. Everyone has baggage, but as we get older and wiser, we improve and grow as hopefully, over time we learn from our mistakes. For some it […]

Why we end up ‘marrying’ our parents

Its uncanny how, to coin an old cliché, so many of us end up marrying our fathers or mothers. When I first begin counselling and holding workshops, I used to think the importance of family influence was over-rated.  Over the years however,  the link became impossible to ignore, with the increasing regularity of relationship patterns mirroring parental issues. […]

6 mistakes women make

What is it that some women have, that allows them to have men wrapped around their little fingers? What are we not doing and where do we go wrong? Keeping in mind that men have their personal preferences (ie. sporty, career driven, outgoing or soft, gentle, homely types etc, blondes or brunettes, tall or petite),  most […]