My Biz Performs: Year-end Party Nov 2013

…..another ‘on the couch’ moment with fellow small business owners…..! “Thank you to Tersia Theron from The Workshop Space, Daneel Van Wyk and Martin Van Niekerk Photography to make this a success. What a lot of fun we had! Thank you all for being part of it and my world”…

November/December 2013 Newsletter

Hello all Regulars and New-comers, we are back with an exciting updated format! After a couple of months research, due to popular demand and our online section taking on a new life of its own, we are now officially an Online Relationship & Dating Advice Service, which includes all types of relationship advice for individuals, couples, those in relationships as well as family dynamics. […]

Dating Tip #5: Be happy

One of the biggest mistakes we make, as women (and men) is that we forget how important it is to HAVE A LIFE. How many of you have had your ex come back just when you’ve started to get over him/her? You’re over the heartache, back at gym, focused on  your career and getting out […]

October 2013 Newsletter

Hi All Hope you are all looking forward to the School Holidays and a spot of summer as we head toward the end of the year. Our line-up for October is as follows: Regular online group sessions (via Skype):   – Weekly every Tuesday eve 7.30 – 8.30pm Additional evening/Saturday slots based on demand. Cost: R500-00 […]

“The Profile Club as a Social Media marketing case study” by Social Media Campaign

“Social Media marketing case study: The Profile Club”

Dating Tip #4: Do your homework

You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it would you? Move into a house without checking that it’s in good condition? Select a school for your children without ascertaining the necessary information? Exactly. So why is it that we would think that Mr or Ms Right-in-front-of-us-this-very-moment is the answer to our dreams?