Get a Life

It is a fact that singles put more time and effort into keeping in shape, getting out and about and spending time with friends. Then, when we meet someone new and get involved in a relationship, all too often we get lost in our partner or the role of parent. As important as it  is to […]

Change the Pattern

If you want to change the type of partner you attract, or the relationship you have, change the pattern. Drop your old habits, replace them with new ones and the rest will follow.

Do NOT Reward Bad Behaviour

Rewarding bad behaviour doesn’t work. Praising good behaviour does. So ignore the bad and promote the positive. It works with animals and children, why not try the same thing with your partner or that person you’re interested in?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Men don’t listen to what women say, they listen to what we do. So, ladies, best to back up your words with action, or be prepared not to be heard.

Love Hurts if its Not Healthy

As simple truth that I have seen again and again with my clients over the years, is that relationships are either healthy or unhealthy. Although all relationships have their difficult times, true love flourishes in healthy relationships through all the ups and downs, while unhealthy relationships remain just that, addictive and unhealthy.

Raise The Bar

The type of partner you attract and the relationship you have, is in direct proportion to the level of your self esteem.