January/February 2014 Newsletter

Hello All Getting out and about during the December 2013 festive season and in the new year, is certainly beginning to pay off. It resulted in some exciting opportunities for growth for the Profile Club, especially regarding events and workshops and allowing us to  bring the Profile Club into the workplace. (Please see “Events” and […]

2nd Chances vs Moving On

Everyone makes mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. Repeated behaviour however, is a different matter. Forgive yourself or forgive someone else, but get out of the rut and either move forward or move out.

Humour Helps!

A little humour goes a long way to gain some perspective on the differences between the sexes!

Dating Tip #6: Be firm

Ah, the disease to please! The angst of adapting, the cost of compromising. All generally prevalent for the first 3 months of dating and the last months of parting. The curse of women (or men) who love too much. The broken hearted who pay painfully for the pleasure of painting a premature future. The disappointment […]

Casa Labia Muse Exhibition Opening: 8 Dec 2013

Out and about at Casa Labia’s beautiful venue, on Sunday evening the 8th December for their Muse Exhibition Opening, with artist and printmaker Judy Woodborne (www.judywoodborne.co.za). Thanks to all at Casa Labia for a wonderful evening (www.casalabia.co.za).

Bad Boys Be Gone

A tip from Robbie Williams, via his new single called Go Gentle (for his daughter). He says he hopes she never meets someone like him, because he was so impossible, but warning her about men and letting her know that he will always be there for her.  For women from a man’s perspective, as to how not to take nonsense from men. […]