Boundaries and Bonds

No relationship comes that easily without having a few boundaries tested along the way. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little, but pick your battles. Ignore the little things, and stick to your principles the the big things. For example, letting your partner get away with staying at the bar with […]

Fake It Till You Make It

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you will be faced with those odd moments where it gets worse before it gets better. Like when you bump into your ex when you’re not looking your best and he swans into a club with his latest squeeze on his arm. Sometimes pride rises to the […]

Profiling Packages On Offer

Our new online development is starting to take wings! Very happy to have the following revised packages on offer, as a special promotion to promote the Online Section of the Profile Club. Please note that in-person consultations will be available upon request. 1.   “Relationship & Dating Secrets” Guide to how men think and what you […]

The Butterfly Effect – How to keep him keen

Want to keep your guy keen? But worried about treating him mean?  I just got off the phone with a lovely and very attractive client who wanted to know why her man suddenly went all cold on her. After 2 months of dating, everything was just fine and dandy. But suddenly he is disant and […]

November/December 2015 Newsletter

Due to popular demand and as promised, here are my newly revised packages (see below). After recent computer glitches and teething issues for the online part  of my work, I am now the proud owner of a speedy new computer and a lot of research gleaned while ‘under-cover’ these past months. This means I can […]

Your Knight in Shining Armour

Relationship and Dating Secrets – An 11 page booklet to boost your love life. During many years spent counselling of hundreds of men and women in search of love or desperately wanting to improve their marriage and relationships, I became aware of a few patterns in the “war of the sexes”. Those women (and men) […]