SAOUG Valentine’s Breakfast Talk

  SAOUG Valentines Breakfast Nice by Nature, Honeydew, Gauteng – Feb 14, 2014 by REJAENE VAN DYK Joanne Jardine from the Profile Club explored the dynamics of inter-personal relationships by using the human pincode as guide, thereby validating and often even surprising SAOUG members’ knowledge of who they are and who their peers think they are.

Statistics and/or Chemistry?

The real  key to compatibility profiling and relationships in all areas –  love, work, family, social – actually boils down to plain old chemistry. Its simple really, either you have a spark, or you don’t. Sometimes that spark dwindles down to a timely demise and sometimes it gets re-ignited. It can fan the flame of love, or flare into a […]

Daddy’s Dragons Networking Lunch

Thank you to Paul and all at the luncheon yesterday, had a wonderful and extremely informative time. Love what ‘Daddy-O’ and ‘Daddy’s Dragons’ are all about, exciting stuff! Daddy’s Dragons Networking Lunches