Joanne_JardineI’ve been involved in group, and one-on-one, self-help/ improvement workshops for the past 18 years. I have a degree in psychology and anthropology and am currently studying for my honours. I am passionate about inter-personal & relationship dynamics, personality profiling via psychometric analysis, and the application of basic anthropology principles in social and work situations.

I have always been interested in human nature, and especially the interaction between people. An avid people-watcher from a young age, I have always been curious and fascinated by the lives of others, the way they spoke and behaved, and the way they relate to each other.  It became second nature to me, and over the years I found myself talking to many people about their problems and relationships, at work, socially at dinner and parties.

After years of working with people on a one on one basis and in groups, I noticed that people found it difficult to apply what they learned, to their lives on a day to day basis. Many struggled to integrate the necessary steps into their lives, and lacked either the knowledge or assistance, to successfully put into practice what they had learned. I realised people needed someone (me) to hold their hand, step by step, and help them with a particular problem, or through a situation, on a practical and supportive basis, for a period of time in their lives. So I took the ‘counselling’ and ‘teaching’ aspect one step further, by setting up a support structure, to help people through the process of learning to walk the walk and talk the talk! Effectively, I created a formula to bridge the gap between what needed to be done, and the means with which to get it done.

My aim is to provide you with the necessary impetus and to guide you through the very personal and intricate process of implementation, to ensure that you get what you want – Joanne


“Been wanting to text you and give you feedback on the workshop. The girls found it quite enlightening and informative, they were still raving about it yesterday, that they are glad they attended. I’ve given Margaret your number, she mentioned the workshop to all at work and her boss thinks this could be a good team building exercise. As for me, I think the workshop did me good, screwed a few things in the right direction. Hooohaaaah! Am feeling good. Thanks Jo!” – Liezel Johnson, March 2012

“Hi, ek het die workshop geweldig geniet. Dankie ook vir die files. Sal loer daarna. Jip, my baas is opgewonde en oorweeg dit vir die hele span hier.” – Margaret Nel – March 2012

“As a member of the Profile club, I have explored my personality with Jo during individual Skype sessions which has given me extreme insight into the dynamics of relationship interaction in particular. Especially how we project our individual hurts and wants and needs, mostly based on childhood experiences which results in forming your own unique personality.
I have benefitted such a lot from Jo’s objectivity and gentle guidance.
She taught me how to look at the big picture and we broke it down in manageable steps in order to address any issues.
It’s made me realize again how powerful relationships can be. . . .we certainly are the sum of all the people we have ever met before in our
lives! – Petro – Marketing Consultant, Academic Publishing industry, November 2013

“Hi Joanne! Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous updates, advice and insights that you so generously share… It’s always such a pleasure to see you in my newsfeed: your messages consistently touch and uplift my life in a unique way, addressing an issue or an event that is relevant to my life at that precise moment! What a gift, and how generously you share it! Thank you so very much.” – Mandy Graham – Financial Accountant at one of the Top 550 Banks

“The following is quite personal and exposing my vulnerabilities, but hey if it will help another person, all I can say is “how can I serve you today?”. So there I was successful, financially independent, career that bloomed, a social life that was active, travelling and exploring. But having all of this does not necessarily mean fulfillment. There was always this sense that something is missing. So you work harder, train harder, improve yourself and find a partner, all of this to fill that gaping hole. After another failed relationship, I needed some answers. How can I be so successful in other areas of my life but failed in the relationship area? This somehow became a burning question and this is how my path crossed with Joanne, even before the Profile Club came into existence. I was always dedicated to my personal development and spiritual growth. Well, given that, I should have a good understanding of personal and romantic relationships. So then why was this gaping hole of unfullfillment not subsiding. Something was off, I lacked inspiration, I lived day to day feeling empty. In hindsight looking back now, I was emotionally dead and disconnected, although I operated and functioned as a normal human being. In the midst of all this, I met potential suitors but I was not having that special connection to these partners. There was just not that staying power. So I had more questions….. As time passed and my interaction with Jo became a regular thing, one thing became glaringly clear. I was not looking for a relationship, I was looking for love. A relationship is easy to have, Right? But to have that special connection…. this is not so easy. As Jo has recently indicated on The Profile Club facebook page: “Real love happens when two people honor each other’s values, standards, and purpose. They don’t just talk about it, however. They live it. They “do” love. So, armed with the realisation that I was not seeking a relationship but actually love, has set off a personal journey for me. And of course more questions…. How can something so simple which should be a basic right in any human being’s life, be so difficult to attain, how can “do love” not be so easy to find. To be in love or “do love” is experiencing a connection with someone and being in harmony with that person.
Another aspect became glaringly clear, the connection I was seeking with another person was actually a connection to myself that I was lacking. The harmony with another person I was seeking, was the harmony within which I was lacking. So yes indeed I was seeking love i.e. balance and harmony….So if I am seeking love… it means I do not have love… If I do not have love, how can I give to another person that which I do not have…I might not have found the relationship that I was seeking, but I am noticing the quality of my personal relationships is improving. I do not have this hectic demanding work schedule anymore, I am noticing and listening to the sounds of birds and ducks around my home… I feel this flubber of energy that is sitting just below the surface, that is ready to rip, that is ready to live, that is ready to feel alive again….Jo did not have the answers, as they cliches go, you have the answers. Jo has a gift and through this gift she could provide guidance and direction in a manner that is practical and suited to my nature so I could unlock the answers. I was open and ready for this experience. I find myself these days thinking how can I make the world a better place. I am not complaining about the government anymore, not complaining about
personal relationships anymore, not complaining about work colleagues anymore.
I now find myself thinking how can I serve and honour you. I am smiling…. Do you think I have found that which I was seeking….?
Sometimes, just sometimes we do get what we ask for… so watch out for the angels that are ready to help you.” – Liezel Johnson – Director